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UNV Medical LTD is a burgeoning, multi-faceted public company at the forefront of the medical cannabis industry. UNV Medical was established in 2016, granted a government-approved license to operate in early 2017, and joined the Stock Market in Q1 of 2018. Uniquely positioned, UNV Medical holds licenses to fulfill every stage of the product supply chain, including on-site research and development, cultivation, production, and distribution. To date, UNV Medical has submitted registration for 4 patents, based on formulations developed by our Research and Development (R&D) team.


The UNV Medical team is committed to upholding the highest standards of excellence, from the initial seed through the distribution of products. UNV Medical plans to manufacture high-quality medical cannabis products, dedicated to growing the right variety for the right product. As such, we have signed an agreement for 65% equity in Havat Amit LTD Farm, providing a 24,000m² greenhouse, indoor growing in compliance with Israel Good Agriculture Process (GAP) standards, and electronic documentation and processes. Production will commence in our Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified 1300m² facility. Utilizing CO2 and Ethanol extraction methods, we plan to produce plants, oil, cream, and wax, among others. In collaboration with medical centers, all products will go to clinical trials to ensure medical grade and compliance with European Medicine Agency (EMA) standards. Distribution of products will occur in pharmaceutical networks and the global market. 

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